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Last Updated: August 9, 2016

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There are Calgary SEO companies that only assist you with search engine visibility, and then there are companies that will go a step further to not only help you get the traffic you deserve, but help you keep that traffic once they arrive. We aren’t talking about mere SEO at this point, we’re talking about traffic retention, visitor retention, keeping people coming back. It is said in the marketing world, that a person needs to see an ad for something up to 7 times before they decide to buy the product or the service. So we assume that a given searcher has seen your listing come up in the search engines at least 7 times and decides to check out your site. Will they stay? Will they click around? Will they find what they were looking for? Will they return? take for example buying a Led Shower heads , people need to see reviews

All these questions are based on the design and content of your site. Webmasters and web designers are told that a visitor should never have to click more than three links deep to find what they are looking for. So if you sell custom cowboy hats for the various events around Calgary, how many clicks do I have to make before I come to the custom order page? What colours greet your visitor when they stop in? Bright flashy colours tend to have visitors click around quickly and leave. It’s the same effect as bright colours in a fast food restaurant. It’s a “get in and get out fast” atmosphere for quick turn-over. Compare this to the muted, warmer, cozy tones of a high-end restaurant where patrons are invited to stay awhile, and the more muted tones of a furniture website, and that webmaster is inviting visitors to stay awhile and take their time browsing their selection.

Colours, layout, menu items, site navigation and more all play into visitor retention after they have found you in the search results. Call Richard at Think Tank SEO to see how your site measures up.

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If you need help getting your site to page one of Google we can help.  We’ve done if for many other Calgary businesses and we can do it for you.  I am the client contact and head Calgary SEO specialist. Your SEO and Google Adwords campaign will be managed by me, Richard Conover, owner, and I’m always available to discuss your project.

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